There are a lot of different things that can go wrong with your garage door. After all, your garage door is constantly used day in and day out. Because the garage door motor can go through a lot of wear and tear, things can happen to can cause it to malfunction. In this article, we will discuss some of the top signs that your garage door isn’t working properly.

Signs Your Garage Door Isn’t Working Properly:

1. Your Garage Door Won’t Open.

Perhaps the most obvious way to tell that your garage door isn’t working properly is having your garage door unable to open. If your garage door is not opening when you press your remote, you are likely going to be dealing with a larger issue. However, to test to make sure that it is not simply your remote, you will want to replace the batteries in your remote. If your remote needs new batteries, it is not going to be able to send the signal to your garage door to open. Therefore, when dealing with a garage door that won’t open, always start with replacing your remote’s batteries.

2. Sound Of Grinding.

If you notice that your garage door is making a grinding sound every time it opens and closes, you are likely dealing with an issue of your garage door being off track. If you notice that there are gaps and/or bends in the rails, you are likely dealing with a track out of alignment. This is a common problem that can occur and it is going to result in a loud grinding noise from your garage.

3. Your Door Is Opening and Closing Randomly.

This is a problem that can happen occasionally and it might be caused by different issues. Your door opener might be getting mixed up with other signals that are being transmitted in your neighborhood. In fact, it might be a direct result of your neighbor’s garage door getting mixed up with your own. Another issue that could be causing it would be the emitter getting blocked or the spring being broken.

4. The Door won’t Close Fully.

This is another sign that your door is not functioning properly. If your garage door opens but it fails to close properly, you are likely dealing with one of three malfunctioning issues. For one, you might be dealing with improper settings on your opener where the close-limit is incorrectly set. Another issue might be caused by your safety sensors being aligned improperly. Lastly, it could be a result of damaged rollers.

5. The Door Won’t Open Completely.

This is another major sign that your door is malfunctioning. If your door will not open completely, you might be dealing with one of the following issues. The up-limit that is set on your garage door opener might be improperly placed too far away from the unit. Along with this, you might be dealing with significantly damaged rollers which can inhibit the door from being able to open far enough to open the door fully. If you are dealing with an improperly set limit, you will want to move the switch closer to the unit itself.

Overall, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your garage door. Some solutions are going to be inherently easier to deal with than others. If you are dealing with major garage door problems that you cannot solve on your own, you will want to call on a reputable and experienced garage door repair specialist or company. Doing this is going to put you in a good position to get your garage door issues resolved as quickly and safely as possible.

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